While in third grade, my teacher told us we’d be alive when the century changed to 2000. Amazing! Unbelievable! And just plain wow! We wrote stories about the year 2000. There were flying cars, rocket ships, and robots.

None of us kids envisioned the century accurately. I guess that’s not a big surprise! Gene Rodenberry nailed it on the technology side. I propose that he didn’t predict the future. His ideas were made real and became the future. TOS is the reason flip phones were invented. Cell phones could have gone in other directions, but those flip phones were damn popular. And tablets (the things those pretty yeomans were always asking Kirk to sign). I always wanted a computer I could hold in one hand. Now I have one (and a communicator!). I still don’t have a flying car (sigh!). Maybe when I’m 80?

I wish his vision of a united and peaceful world would take hold. I’d give up my communicator for that. Maybe even my tablet.