I’m with members from my church youth group this weekend. I am not a youth. We have been here just about 24 hrs. I am the chauffeur and chaperone for four girls from my church. I’ve learned a lot about the girls. They are amazing young women. I hope my daughter turns out this well.

The adults get the same handbook as the youths. We are all studying the “Seven Habits of Coping Skills”. When the adults take away the pain of failure, the youths fail multiple times and learn each time. They don’t make the same mistake twice. AND with each exercise they have less failures and learn faster. They think they are having fun. We know they are learning life skills. I can see the gears turning. My hope for them is that they never forget the skills they learn this weekend. My four girls really have it together and I think they would be able to weather future storms, but one never knows. I do believe they will use these skills to help others, friends not as fortunate to have workshops.

I wish we could get kids here that REALLY need to learn coping skills. I’m at a loss for how to target them. I’m not an expert, and I’m sure there are experts that could tell me how to identify at risk teens. This is where I ask myself, “Is this my job? Shouldn’t someone else do that?” I was taught that if I see the problem, then I should help with the solution. Asking these questions makes me feel guilty. I should be helping, not questioning. Where do I draw the line for my own well-being?

This weekend has put me one step closer to resolving those conflicts. I’m taking away from this weekend the idea of “do not worry”. I’m trying to do this by giving it to God. To me this means asking myself, “Is this something important for what I am doing right now?” If it’s not, I say a prayer I made. “Dear Lord, if this is important, please remind me later. Give me the strength, patience and understanding to focus on what I need to do today. Help me to plan for tomorrow once I’ve finished this task.”

I am not here to worry about at risk teens. I am here to help THESE teens. I can do that. They, not just my four, are a blessing. Thank you Lord for giving me these people for this weekend.